How much do you tip a Hairdresser (or Barber, Hair stylist, etc.)?

In Sydney, Australia ?

Sadly, only 27% said they would tip a Hairdresser (or Barber, Hair stylist, etc.).
51 people tip >25% 1 people tip 25% 786 people tip 20% 3034 people tip 10% 10030 people tip 0%

Find out what to tip your: Hairdresser, food delivery person, taxi driver

In all of Australia?

Sadly, only 9% said they would tip a Hairdresser (or Barber, Hair stylist, etc.).
671 people tip >25% 5 people tip 25% 1184 people tip 20% 5180 people tip 10% 61840 people tip 0%

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